CBSE released the facilitator handbook on Artificial Intelligence to teach grade 8 and 9 students

CBSE released the facilitator’s handbook for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Curriculum for students studying in class 8 and 9 grade.

Earlier this year in March, CBSE announced the introduction of AI as a skill subject for children studying in 8 and 9, grade. CBSE aims to develop an ‘AI-Ready Generation’ who can understand AI and apply it to solve local and global problems.

In collaboration with Intel’s initiative – ‘AI4Youth’, CBSE released curriculum manuals on AI.

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The curriculum is age appropriate and focusses on building an AI mind-set, relevant skill-sets and tool-sets. Learners are introduced to the three domains of AI viz. Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and AI for Data, and how they can be applied to create meaningful social impact projects.

They also learn core skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, self-reflection, and develop their knowledge on AI ethics, privacy concerns and AI Biases.

The facilitator’s handbook for 8 and 9th grade has been curated for 112 hours curriculum. This curriculum is an immersive, hands on learning journey based on experiential methodologies covering both social and technology skills.

Whereas the facilitator’s handbook on AI Integration across Subjects has been prepared as a guide to enhance the multidisciplinary approach in teaching-learning process whilst integrating AI.

It suggests how schools may train their teachers of Class 6 to 10 to relate the relevant topics/themes from their respective curricula with technologies that AI deploys. This document also showcases AI based tools that can support and augment learning across disciplines, in and out of the classrooms.

So far 883 schools across India have introduced and teaching the subject AI from grade 8th onwards. As of today 71,00 students are learning the ropes of AI.



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