Why apply turmeric and kumkum?

Indian Mythology deciphered for children

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After puja, when you apply turmeric or kumkum on your forehead, have you ever questioned your parents, why? Why yellow and red colour? Kumkum is made from turmeric. Why not apply something blue or green on our forehead?

Devdutt Pattanaik, Indian Mythology expert, gives a very logical inference of these various powders used in Hindu customs. His explanation makes sense and can be easily explained to others.

Turmeric, yellow in colour, is associated with sun, which provides energy and warmth to the earth. Without sun no life exists. KumKum, red in colour, associates with red earth before the rains and promising crops. A fertile land is must to grow crops. The red earth promises prosperity and life. Without it no life exits. So the colours yellow and red.

We also have a sequence of applying – first turmeric and then kumkum. According to Devdutt, turmeric with antiseptic properties kills all the germs, is applied first so as to remove all the negative energy from that person. And then kumkum, red colour which signifies potential energy, applied so has to evoke positive energy, life in that person. After removing negative energy bring in positive energy.

Have you seen your house door decorated with turmeric and kumkum? Now you know why…

When we look at all customs in Hinduism, every ritual has some connection with nature. Hinduism is a pioneer in praying, conserving and celebrating mother nature.

Source: Epic TV, Mythology.

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