Earth day: Old is gold! Let’s get back to our old ways of life

Dheeksha [email protected]

When I was small, I still remember my mother’s kitchen filled with steel or glass containers to store food items. We always used steel glasses and jugs to store and drink water and steel plates, spoon, fork to eat food. Lunch box was steel, medicine bottles were made of glass, coffee mugs were either steel or glass. Literally there was no plastic at all…

With the coming of Tupperware, every household, whoever I know, my neighbours, friends, etc., replaced steel and glass wares with Tupperware. With Tupperware, many duplicates became available in the market. It was a clean sweep of plastic over steel and glass. From then on I have seen my mom’s kitchen being so colourful. Little did I realise then, what a blunder it was.

As I grew and became aware of the harm caused by plastic, I slowly educated my mother about the harm caused by plastics. Just like old days, she is replacing kitchen wares to steel and glass and she has stopped buying plastic wares. India’s old traditional ways of using steel, copper, iron or glass is always good.

So children look out for plastics in kitchen and high time you tell your parents 🙂

 Small steps to take at home on this earth day:

  • Teach your children, friends, neighbours to love the environment. It’s the life giver.
  • Pledge not to buy plastic containers to store food items.
  • Earth day being Sunday, many go shopping or order food at home. Do not order food, go out and have a meal. Step out and enjoy the meal with your family. When you go shopping carry your own bag.
  • Pledge to use glass or steel bottles to drink water. Quit plastic bottles.
  • Carry your own water bottle when you step out.
  • Teach your children about environment, recycling and reuse of old materials at home.
  • Stop chewing gums. It has synthetic plastic in it.

Earth day, as everyone knows, celebrated to create awareness about how to protect our environment from deteriorating further and making it liveable for the future generations to come. Gaylord Nelson is the founder of the Earth Day.

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