Glass Painting, an excellent activity to improve toddler’s motor skills

#1 Activity- Sand Play

# 2 Activity – Glass Painting

Glass painting is my favourite hobby and so is my son’s. When I introduced him to glass painting he just loved how the colour liquid flow on a piece of glass and also its translucent nature. It is definitely not a one time activity. Can be done again and again, and children enjoy it!

When I introduced glass painting at a summer camp last year for children between the age group of 3-10 years, I was really surprised how children just loved painting on glass. The medium -Glass and the colour liquid makes all the difference.

Lets get on with the activity:


  • Thin plastic sheets (as glass is very sharp, would prefer thin plastic sheets for toddlers)
  • For older children, in a hardware shop, get 4mm glass cut to the required measurement. The best option is Acrylic Sheets. It wont break and gives the glass finish.
  • Camel Glass paint and outliner
  • A plain white sheet of paper and pencil

So, how do we do?

1. First, on a plain white paper, draw an outline of any image your child likes – for instance, butterfly, car, flower, fruit etc.

2. For glass and acrylic sheet, cover the edges with cellophane tape, so the child nor you should get hurt

3. Place the glass, plastic sheet, or Acrylic sheet on the white sheet of paper with outline drawn and stick the edges with tape, so the paper is intact.

4. With glass outliner, draw the visible outline on the glass, plastic sheet, or Acrylic sheet. Older children can draw the outline. For toddlers, parents can draw the outline.

5. Let it dry for ten minutes

6. Now allow your child to squeeze the bottle and fill colours within the borders…

7. Let it dry over night…

(For toddlers, monitor so that they don’t put paint in their mouth)

Have fun Glass Painting…!

Do share pictures of glass painting done by your child….

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